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Tom Menton

Professor Tom Menton is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt and a 14 year law enforcement veteran. Tom has approximately a decade of patrol experience, having worked in a busy city district for the majority of his career. Tom currently works in the Training Unit, is a S.W.A.T. Operator, Use of Force Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and a Field Training Officer. 

Tom is an international level BJJ competitor with multiple first place tournament wins. At the rank of white belt, Tom competed in over 40 local Submission Grappling tournaments where he earned dozens of gold, silver, and bronze medals. As a blue belt, Tom consistently earned gold medals for his first place tournament wins and was rapidly promoted to the rank of purple belt. Tom then expanded his level of competition to include multiple international BJJ and Submission Grappling competitions.

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Tom’s highest grappling achievements include earning the Silver Medal at the 2015 Police and Fire World Games (the largest sporting event in the world, second only to the Summer Olympics) and competing in the Fight 2 Win Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu event, where he holds a 1-0 professional record.  Tom earned his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt from Pedro Sauer black belt, Tom Schmitz, in early 2019.

Expanding his mixed martial arts training, Tom has included Muay Thai kickboxing, Wrestling, and Judo in his regular training routine. Tom has also competed as an amateur boxer at the 2013 Unite and Fight event.

Tom has instructed self-defense courses for thousands of civilians as an instructor at a local Martial Arts Center. He has developed and instructed courses and training specifically for female officers and civilians. Tom also volunteers his time to educate and mentor youth at a local martial arts gym.

Tom is a lead instructor for his police department where he oversees the defensive tactics program. Tom’s primary duties include training recruits in the police academy, designing and implementing department in-service training, and creating and instructing courses for other agencies. 

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