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"I learned more in 3 days than 18 years in military service.  Their teaching methods are the product of practice and dedication to this art.  Rock on guys!"

- Kory Soderquist, MSgt US Air Force Reserve


"I really enjoyed the class.  This stuff will save lives both for officers and the public.  Thanks."

-Darry Jones, Columbia Heights Police Department


"Best course I have attended since I can remember."

"I feel like this course gave me the skills to be confident in not just making contact, but confident in controlling a subject.  The teaching model is also very simple to remember.  Great job guys!"

-James Comings, Minnetonka Police Department SWAT

"These instructors left ego at the door, but still passionate about the product.  Tom and Chad were fun, informative, and obviously enjoy working together."

"I liked that the course content was fluid and each technique was mix and match, unlike other systems that are step by step and are less applicable to real life."

"I also liked that the course was taught using the same teaching technique we were instructed to use."

-Emily Jepson, Edina Police Department

"Better instructors than I've seen anywhere."

"Great presentation skills.  Made the course interesting and fun.  Very realistic course material."

"Very usable techniques!"

-Dan Swanson, Rochester Police Department SWAT

"Top level instructors.  Highly recommended, here to help you.  What I liked most about the course overall was the atmosphere, learning how to teach, and the realistic tactics."

-Tyler Martin, Washington County Sheriff's Office SWAT

“This course was much better than other courses I’ve attended, because they not only taught the material, they also taught you how to instruct.”

“What I liked most was (1) The blueprint of how to teach a topic, and (2) The flow drills.”

-Hien Dinh, 23 year Minneapolis Police Veteran & Training Unit Officer

“Great instruction, paired with their training and experience. I liked the training blue print, helps retain techniques and helps to instruct techniques.”

-Travis Nordhus, Edina Police Department

“The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, superior in their ability to teach compared to other courses I’ve been to.  I like the fact they did not try to “sell” the tactics.  The tactics speak for themselves, and they didn’t try to convince me that “their way” was the only way.”

“The training was fun, which made learning fun.”

-Joel Olejnicak, Duluth Police Department Sergeant

“This is the best class that I have taken yet.  Probably the most applicable to corrections (techniques and everything else).”

“Everything was great.  I would highly recommend this course to all corrections. The course seemed to be marketed toward police but when I attended, I was so surprised at how applicable this is to corrections.  Best course so far.”

-Stanley Hafoka, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department (Correctional Officer)

“Compared to other courses, these instructors have much more of a “street cop” approach.  Obvious from the 1st hour the instructors come from a relate-able patrol base.”

“What I liked most overall was the repetitions and mat time.  Gave us plenty of time to understand the actual techniques.”

-Travis Brown, Eden Prairie Police Department

“Best use of force class I’ve attended.”

“What I liked most was a lot of hands on and mat time.”

-Aaron Gelle, Upper Sioux Tribal Police Department

“By far best training I have ever been to.  Tom and Chad did a great job explaining techniques.”

-Tyler Abrahamson, Fridley Police Department

“The instructors were great, pride in the work they do. They were nice and not boring.”

“What I liked most was the mat time, the practical training, and the videos on why we do it in a certain way.”

-Patrick Faber, Fridley Police Department

“These instructors were awesome!  They are very fun, obviously knowledgeable, and enjoy what they are teaching.”

“What I liked most was how “simple” the techniques are and how they all feed together.  The instructors make it!”

“Wish we had more time to learn from your group!”

-Jordan Koras, Eden Prairie Police Department

"Truly knowledgeable instructors.  The course was a true instructor course and was presented to be able to teach the material back."

"Any questions that came up the instructors always had an answer or a solution."

-Joel Tummel, Department of Corrections Lead Trainer and Emergency Response Team

"By far, some of the most effective instructors I've worked with."

"What I liked most was not only being taught the subject material, but learning how to teach others while keeping it simple and applicable."

"I enjoyed every minute and wish there were more days to train with Chad and Tom."

-Deputy Tony Nelson, Anoka County Sheriff's Office SWAT

"The instructors were very knowledgeable and down to earth and practical.  I like their teaching style."

"What I liked most was the amount of reps that we had for each skill and the teach backs helped me retain a lot more of the skills we learned compared to other training I've had."

"Thanks guys!  I will be back and will be recommending we send more officers from my department!"

-Matt Wilberg, Coon Rapids Police Department


"This is my second course through STORM and continues to be the best use of force training I've attended."

"My favorite part about this course are the flow drills and how well the techniques are described."

-Andy Trupe, Champlin Police Department


"The instructors were very educated and prepared.  Lots of life experience in the field."

"What I liked most about the course was grappling, grappling, and more grappling!"

-Brandon DeCent, Mille Lacs Tribal Police Department


"Very knowledgeable instructors.  They practice what they preach.  Very helpful, some of the best instructors I've worked with."

"What I liked most about the training: Safe, simple, effective, and real street patrol training.  This course works well for the real world police tactics.  Instructors make the 5 day course entertaining and worthwhile, highly recommend the STORM!"

-Paul Fieldseth, Champlin Police Department

"Tom and Chad not only teach great material, they are great at teaching the material.  Both are positive and do the techniques in an educational focused manner."

"What I liked most about the training was the simplistic effectiveness of the moves.  While being dynamic, the moves are not complex, allowing the transfer of knowledge to be applicable to be used during high stress and intense encounters."

-Anthony Perry, Minnesota Department of Corrections

"Far less ego than similar instructor courses.  Did not spend as much time "selling" further courses as others."

"More mat time and grappling than other courses.  More time instructing how to teach to difficult audience.  Instructors took time to personally address each student and get to know them."

-Dusty Burton, Mille Lacs Tribal Police Department

"What was nice to see was the willingness to listen and learn from other officer's skills and experiences."

"The information and flow of training was what I liked most.  Not many systems out there present techniques that can apply to everyone.  STORM comes extremely close to accomplishing that purpose.  I honestly can't think of anything I did not like about the course."

-Tim Conley, Metro Transit Police Department

"Much better instructors than others I've had.  They took a basic real world approach to instructing, answered questions and listened to feedback."

"What I liked most was adding drills that incorporated several techniques which helped retention."

-Dan Swanson, Rochester Police Department

"Much less ego than other instructors I have experienced."

"Very good at articulating how to employ tactics in a step by step method."

"What I liked most was the crawl, walk, run pace, the realistic scenarios, and simple but effective skills."

-Justin Weller, Anoka County Sheriff's Office SWAT

"The instructors were approachable and focused on providing useful techniques instead of just selling their product."

"I liked the method by which the effective techniques were taught, and the practice with the method."

-James Niemackl, Hopkins Police Department SWAT

"Excellent. Great to take feedback."

"Presentation method was easy to follow and great pace. Would do a longer course."

-Kevin Lease, Isanti County Sheriff's Office SWAT

"Probably the best instructors I've had to date."

"I liked how they set up the class.  Lecture, demo, discuss, and teachbacks.  I wasn't bored which was very nice.  I like the long lunch and how laid back the instructors were."

"There was truly nothing I did not like.  Nicely done!"

Gregg Nordby, Brooklyn Center Police Department SWAT

"Two of the best instructors I have had."

-James Maurer, Hennepin County Sheriff's Office SWAT 


"The instructors were both friendly and professional.  The knowledge and experience they were able to portray was eye opening."

"We came to this training with a general understanding of how to conduct ourselves within our teams.  But we left with a whole new perspective on how we can better train and facilitate new techniques."

"This training was absolutely amazing.  I truly appreciate the dedication of the instructors.  It has given me a goal to work towards as an instructor as well as transitioning into a possible training role such as theirs.  Thank you!"

-Tyler Johnson, Isanti County Sheriff's Office SWAT

"Good instructors, very knowledgeable. The new techniques were very easy to learn and understand.  Some of the techniques built off of prior moves and techniques taught.  Very much gross motor skill and not fine motor skill.  Good presentation on how to present techniques back to home agency."

"Course was very good.  One of the best courses I've attended on use of force.  Thanks guys!"

-Derrick Hacker, Crystal Police Department SWAT

"This is the best course I’ve attended.  Excellent pace and detail.  Taught techniques and how to teach those techniques."

"What I liked most about the training was everything.  The teach backs to build confidence.  The flow drills and semi-live speed grappling drills. And the final day it seemed you covered material based on what the group wanted from the morning discussion."

"There was nothing I did not like about this course.  The time line is very good, you don’t lose students’ attention."

-David Fry, Apple Valley Police Department


"This was my first DT course.  You guys definitely set a high bar of expectations for any course I go to in the future. Great job."

"What I liked most was the hands-on training with intermixed classroom, it allowed decent breaks and recovery time in-between hands on sessions."

-Jordan Anderson, Olmstead County Sheriff’s Department

"Tom & Chad were by far the best instructors I’ve had of any of the trainings I’ve attended.  They do a great job of presenting new and unfamiliar material in a practical & easy to learn way."

What I liked most was that they keep the environment light-hearted and even comical so that the techniques are simple and easy to learn.  You can really tell that they not only know what they are doing (and are experts in their field) but they also love what they are doing.  It really shows in their teaching style." 

-Nick Larson, Plymouth Police Department

"The instructors were engaging, descriptive, and intense.  As good of instructors as I have ever had." 

"What I liked most about the training were the new program ideas that I can bring to my department.  It’s great to finally have an evolution to police defensive tactics."

-Derek Werner, West Fargo Police Department, North Dakota

"The knowledge and skill level of instructors exceeded my expectations, and this was not even comparable to other courses I’ve been to. The skills taught here are job applicable and are taught in a manner that makes sense."

"What I liked most about the training was the flow drills – these made the student think through several different options and built confidence.  I also liked the context of each movement, makes it relevant to patrol."

-Travis Goerish, Shakopee Police Department

"Since this is my first DT training that I have attended, I do not have other courses to compare Tom and Chad to. However, they are going to be hard to beat."

"What I liked most was how compassionate Tom and Chad are about teaching their course.  They use the teaching model that the students get taught to use to bring the material back to their agencies.  Since Tom and Chad are in law enforcement, they relate to and know how to keep cops engaged."

-Brian Flynn, Plymouth Police Department

"These instructors are much more prepared and much more knowledgeable than other courses I have attended.  Consistency in teaching tactics is nice.  Very good about getting questions answered."

"What I liked most was the 1-minute rounds (grappling against a resisting partner).  Real rolling to bring out the stress.  I found I performed poorly in those live rounds and it forced me to fix the issues I had." 

-Scott Jorgenson, Eagan Police Department

"These instructors were very knowledgeable, and skilled.  What I liked most was the rear clinch takedown."

-Brock Ackerman, West Fargo Police Department, North Dakota

"Instructors were personable and easy to talk with.  Great attitudes of all people attending the training.  The instructors were knowledgeable in the training and offered real life encounters where they used the techniques from training."


"I’ve attended one other use of force instructor course and this course was much better.  The blue print method of breaking moves down and going step by step was what I liked most about the training." 

-Josh Nelson, Fairmont Police Department

"What I liked most about the training was the pace.  Their (the instructors) ability to break things down for the inexperienced but keep the flow for the more experienced attendees."

-Wes Christianson, West Fargo Police Department, North Dakota

"Instructors kept it fun and relaxed, but still helped cement moves into my brain.  I liked how the training taught easy to learn moves that are very relevant and are positions most officers will end up in during their careers." 

-Peter Renteria, Mendota Heights Police Department

"These instructors were great because they were doing the training for the right reasons.  They were also not old and retired."

"Most of the moves taught in this Foundation Instructor Trainer course were single officer.  That helps me bring this back to my department since we are mostly alone in the field.  Also, these moves are designed for little to no injury to both the officer and the subject."

-James Fogarty, Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer

"Instructors explained everything in great detail, answered all questions, and gave great tips on how to instruct.  I enjoyed getting to learn more jiujitsu and how it can tie into law enforcement."

-Brianna Bannon, Plymouth Police Department

"Instructors were very knowledgeable in the material presented.  Took the time to show variations of the moves.

In this day and age, MMA is very known and visible.  It’s only a matter of time until you come into contact with someone who knows how to fight/grapple.  It’s nice to have a knowledge base in this material to better protect yourself."

-Matt Vellance, Minnetonka Police Department

"The instructors were very detailed and explained all information very well.  The instructors believe in the information they are providing and have the knowledge, skill and experiences to show its effectiveness." 

"I liked the flow drills the most.  It gave good context to utilize techniques effectively."

"I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this entire course.  The training and instructors were outstanding." 

-Jake Lannon, Scott County Sheriff’s Office

"The instructors were the best I have seen and been taught by so far.  They made the information/techniques not only flow, but easy to remember by following the blue print.  I liked the concept of the blueprint the most.  A lot of how I teach has been through trial and error, and even instructor courses I have been to never really explained or taught you how to teach.  I think that blue print will be highly effective. Overall, great course – best so far."

-Nick Smith, Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Department, Iowa

"Compared to other courses I’ve been to, these instructors were much better.  They make the students feel very comfortable.  I liked everything. The techniques, outline, instructor style, etc."

-Chris Hansen, Saint Paul Police Department

"These instructors were far more prepared and knowledgeable on the subject matter compared to other courses I’ve been to.  My favorite part was learning a new ground fighting skill and then using the flow drills and live drills to reinforce technique and understanding how the moves correlate to other moves."

-Nate Goette, Shakopee Police Department

"The instructors made sure that technique comprehension had occurred instead of checking a box that it had been explained.  What I liked most was how we got a lot of reps in without it feeling overdone or monotonous." 

-Aaron Friesen, Allina Health Security Officer

"The instructors were personable and easy to approach with questions."

"What I liked most was that the techniques were simple and easy to remember.  Also, everything ended with the same moves."

-Nick Donahue, Edina Police Department S.W.A.T., Minnesota

"The instructors were very knowledgeable. This was one of the most beneficial courses I've taken in years."

-Sgt. David Boosalis, Edina Police Department S.W.A.T., Minnesota

"Instructors were extremely knowledgeable & humble, a great combo for learning."

"What I liked most was that the moves were easy to understand and remember the foundation of the techniques to use for various situations."

-Sgt. Brandon Koske, Edina Police Department S.W.A.T., Minnesota

"I thought the beset part of the course was the great pace throughout the day, awesome material made high stress events relaxed and easy."

"My least favorite part of the day was when it ended.  I wanted to keep going."

-Joe Struzyk, Edina S.W.A.T. Medic, Minnesota


“Most applicable Defensive Tactics training course I’ve ever been to.  Moves aren’t overly complicated but they are very effective.”

“Compared to other courses I’ve attended, these instructors were very good.  They are cops who happen to be instructors.  They have a natural approach to what they do and teach.”

“What I liked most about the course was the team emphasis on suspects, ground control, and getting/being more comfortable on the ground.”

-Travis Brown, Eden Prairie Police Department, Minnesota

“I found the gross motor skill training was much easier to learn than traditional defensive tactics training."

“Extremely easy to learn, applicable to all LEO’s no matter their size/strength."

”After attending, I would require it for all new instructors.”

-Phil Quesenberry, Eden Prairie Police Department, Minnesota

“Far better than any training I’ve ever been to.”

“The teaching blueprint was what I liked most about the training overall.  It was a great way to learn new techniques and to teach our agencies the techniques we learned during the course.”

“The course was fantastic and the instructors made the training environment a lot of fun.  I feel much more confident in my abilities and being able to instruct our officers and the ability to survive a violent encounter. Thank you!”

-Nick Koethe, Oakdale Police Department, Minnesota

“The instructors are top notch.  They are clearly experts in the field and are passionate about the subject matter.  All techniques were made clear and felt like second nature by the end of the course.”

“Teach backs were incredibly helpful.  The handouts and lesson plans that were provided will also be instrumental while incorporating these techniques into our current DT program.  Every day was a blast and informative.  I truly believe these techniques and skills will help to keep our officers stay safe.”

“You guys nailed it.  Every thing was great.”

-Alex Haas, Cedar Rapids Police Department, Iowa

“The training was practical and field tested.  The training was presented in a way that was easy to understand.  “The STORM Instructors are second to none.”

-Bill Hanson, Oakdale Police Department, Minnesota

“All instructors were very knowledgeable and approachable, they created a great learning environment.  Their style of teaching techniques make it very easy to learn for someone who does not have a background in martial arts or wrestling. Shakopee PD is adopting these techniques.”

-Chad Wimmer, Shakopee Police Department, Minnesota


 “I have already recommended this training to others.”

“Sean, Tom, and Chad are more knowledgeable than instructors at any other course I’ve been to, and they have real world and practical skills.”

“What I liked most about the course were the take downs – a valuable skill to have

-Chief Adam Gunderson, Royalton Police Department, Minnesota

“This was my first use of force instructor class. All 3 of you guys were amazing! You guys were enthusiastic everyday which was helpful, especially toward the end of the week when were all sore and tired. You broke techniques down so that they were easy to understand and always answered any questions.”

“Every technique can be utilized in a jail setting which is huge for me. The teaching technique that you guys have is top notch and i was very pleased! I can't wait to come back for the refresher.”

“This was an amazing class and i can only hope other trainings are half as great as this was.”

-Victoria Harren, Dakota County Sheriff's Office, Minnesota

“The instructors used their police background and experience to make the techniques and course realistic. The instructors really helped me to understand the reason for every movement.”

“What I liked most about the course was the flow drills.  The other nice thing was the way the step by step instruction examples eliminated the need for students to ask questions.  They seemed to know what needed to be addressed with each movement.”

-Anthony Nai, Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office, Iowa

“I enjoyed the entire training, I liked how the instructors would instruct a move multiple times before we were expected to teach it back ourselves.”

-Chad Olerud, Beadle County Sheriff's Office, South Dakota

"Practical tools that actually work. I’ve used the two officer roll over technique several times now and every time it works flawlessly."

-Alex Graham, Saint Paul Police Department, Minnesota


"Many times over prior to this training, I have been told to not go to the ground during a fight, which is exactly where most fights will end up. Tom, Chad and Sean are knowledgeable with ground control techniques and takedowns. They work with each person, making sure each person understands what they are doing and why they are doing it. I am not a big guy, and I am able to use these techniques to control a suspect. I recommend this class to ALL Law Enforcement/Security personnel and agencies."

-Ben Johnson, United Hospital Security 

“STORM Instructors were very down to earth, related tactics to every day scenarios.  Broke things down step by step!”

“I really enjoyed this class a lot.  Very informative and instructors taught to all skill levels.  Simple moves make a huge difference in Arrest and Control and Officer Safety.”

-Alex Merritt, Allina Health Security

 “The course was extremely informative, the instructors were great at showing what to do, why we do it, and demonstrating how it works.”

“What I liked most about the training overall was the demonstrations, they were very well done.  Knowledge is power.”

“I can not come up with a single thing I didn’t like about the course!”



 “The instructors were professional and very skilled, and this course was like nothing I have ever experienced.  It was great!”

“What I liked about the training most was the techniques, the instructors, and the overall concept.”

-Stephanie Rice, Allina Security


 “The instructors for this course were much better than other courses I have been to, they streamlined everything and it was all applicable.”

“What I liked most about the course was the progressive training, and the drills on the final day.”

-Phil Iliff, Allina Security


 “These instructors were better than instructors at any other course I have attended.  The training was the most practical use of force training I have ever had.”

“What I liked most about the course was how it was presented and taught.  I was able to learn and retain the techniques that were taught.”

-Travis Nordhus, New Brighton Police Department


 “These instructors had more real experience in how fights and control tactics work.  This is my favorite class I’ve been to, extremely useful and real.”

“What I liked most about the course overall was the trainers.  Sean, Tom and Chad are real cops and can say and show that the techniques work for almost any ability.”

“I enjoyed everything about the training and there is nothing I would change.”

-Paul Fieldseth, Champlin Police Department (16 year veteran)


 “The instructors were very approachable and easy going.”


“What I liked most about the training was how easy to follow/not too complicated it was.  The instructors did not overwork the students, and it was very applicable to law enforcement.  They gave videos related to each topic.”

-John Kolar, Shakopee Police Department


 “Compared to instructors from other courses I’ve been to, Sean Tom and Chad were very knowledgeable, down to earth, and easy to approach.”

“What I liked most about the training was the new useful techniques, how well the trainers presented the material, and the step by step instruction.”

“There is nothing I would change about the course, it is very job applicable.”

-Mitch Mullenbach, Shakopee Police Department


 “New and useful techniques, instructors are more pleasant and fun to be around compared to other courses I have attended.”

“The learning process was what I liked most about the training overall.  The instructors utilized a great system which makes learning easier for visual learners (cops).”

“I can’t honestly say anything negative, length, system, and attitudes were all great.  Thanks again, hope to see you again.”

-Sam Beuch, Huron Police Department, South Dakota


“The only other instructor course I have been to is PPCT and I found this to be much more informative and practical.”

-Andy Trupe, Champlin Police Department


“Compared to other courses I have attended, the instructors enthusiasm and their willingness to put their bodies to the test for us.”

“What I liked most about the training overall, was the casual training with the right amount of professionalism/seriousness, and also teaching me how to teach.”

-Corey Schaefer, University of Saint Thomas Public Safety


“The instructors were all great at explaining everything in detail.”

“I liked that all the trainers actively participated in showing the moves.  They went through all the motions and explained it really well.”

“THANK YOU!!! It was a great experience and you guys are awesome.  Honestly.  Keep up the good work.”

-Josh Cassidy, University of Saint Thomas Public Safety

“These instructors are superior to ones from other courses I’ve attended.  They are knowledgeable & prepared, always positive.”

“What I liked most about the training overall was the flow drills that help tie everything together, the step by step breakdowns of the techniques, and real-life videos to show the importance of the concepts.”

-Sam Freng, Huron Police Department, South Dakota


“The techniques used are effective and easy to learn. However, the best part about this course in my opinion was the blueprint they have created and use when teaching new techniques.”

-Jesse Thorne, Huron Police Department, South Dakota

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