Search and Seizure for Patrol Operations

MN POST Approved 7 Credits

**This course is SOLD OUT, registration is closed.**

When: October 22nd, 2020 

0730 - 1530 hours


Where: Eden Prairie Community Center - Cambria Room

16700 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Hosted by: Eden Prairie Police Department

Cost: $199/Student


Search and seizure for patrol operations: an exploration of the 4th and 5th amendments as they apply to the patrol officer.​

This course will explore the following concepts from the perspective of a patrol officer:

  • Exploration of what is a search and what is a seizure

  • The difference between reasonable suspicion and probable cause, and the legal standard required to meet each standard

  • Discussion on Terry v. Ohio, and how it pertains to detentions and pat searches for weapons

  • Warrantless searches and seizures

  • Warrantless entry of dwellings

  • The standard of proof required to obtain a warrant

  • When Miranda applies, and what is considered an “in custody” as well as what is considered an “interrogating” question


  • Pen and paper/notebook

Featured Instructor John Cajacob, Attorney at Law

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A few testimonials from John's most recent course:

"I have never been to a STORM Training Group course before, but it was different being taught by someone who is both a police officer and an attorney.  The knowledge John had was great, especially with knowing both sides.  The topics were important and he knew what he was talking about." 

     -Anissa Ng, Lino Lakes Police Department

"Very knowledgeable - had job experience and was able to use first hand experiences.  What I liked most was the items pertained directly to the job."

     -Charles Mahon, MSP Airport Police Department 

"The combination of lawyer and police officer is incredibly rare, which makes for great material and training.  Great refresher, even after 14 years on the job."

     -Dan Thill, Lino Lakes Police Department

"New officers should go through this course."

"Lots of real world examples and stories."

"It was great to hear examples from Minnesota law, a lot of instructors teach only federal law.  Instructor was LEO and attorney, it was great to hear from both sides."

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