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Sean Zauhar

Sergeant Sean RJ Zauhar PhD. is a 19 year law enforcement veteran. Sean has been teaching police combatives training over the last 15 years.  He has worked in a variety of capacities from patrol and special investigations to S.W.A.T. operations. Sean is currently a lead use of force instructor where he provides instruction in all areas of police use of force, including single and multiple officer arrest and control tactics.


Sean is the CIT Coordinator for his police department. He has created a network of prominent mental health professionals from the region to reform the process by which people in mental health crisis interact with the criminal justice system. Sean has developed an innovative approach to training and certifying officers in CIT through the use of professional actors as role-payers. Sean’s utilization of specially trained and selected actors, under the supervision of behavior health experts, has greatly enhanced the department’s overall CIT program.

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Sean is also an accomplished combat sports athlete with over 20 years of amateur boxing experience as well as significant training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts, and holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rank of blue belt. Sean has won several boxing titles at the local, regional, and state level including an Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Boxing title in 1997. Sean won another Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Boxing title in 2013, and has represented the Upper Midwest Region (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin) at the National Golden Gloves Tournament in 1997 and 2013.Sean is the Head Coach for his police department's boxing team. He has consistently showcased his boxing talent as the main event at the annual Unite and Fight boxing exhibition.


Sean has established partnerships with local boxing gyms in support of police athletics and community outreach. Sean has used his knowledge of the “sweet science” as a means to educate and mentor inner city youth.Outside of the ring, Sean has accumulated an impressive list of academic achievements to include a Master of Police Leadership from the University of Saint Thomas and a PhD in Criminal Justice from Walden University. Sean is currently an Adjunct Instructor at the Rasmussen College Law Enforcement program in Eagan, where he lectures and trains pre-service police recruits.