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Rob Lokhorst

Rob Lokhorst has been a sworn police officer in metropolitan police departments since 2010.  Rob has served in several assignments including patrol, gang investigations, street-level narcotics investigations, and as a task force officer on a federal weapons task force.  Within these assignments, he has written and executed hundreds of search warrants, coordinated and participated in surveillance, undercover, and wiretap operations.

Rob has been a guest speaker on the topic of gang investigations for numerous law enforcement groups, such as the Midwest Gang Investigator’s Association, and other settings such as Hamline University graduate programs and Ramsey County Social Services.

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Rob has served as a SWAT officer for seven years and participated in hundreds of tactical operations in entry team and sniper roles.  He has extensive experience in intelligence-based scouting for tactical operations.

As a SWAT instructor, Rob has developed and delivered instruction to SWAT and patrol officers from multiple departments on topics such as deliberate building clearance, active shooter response, response to civil unrest, and firearms proficiency.