This instructor level, train-the-trainer course is MN POST accredited and meets all 2021 state statute requirements for MN police officer training regarding police use of force.


This course will be held at the Scale Regional Public Safety Training Facility, 17681 Valley View Dr, Jordan, MN 55352


0800-1600 hours daily


As law enforcement officers we rarely respond to a dangerous

incident without the aid of backup. So why do we so frequently

operate as individuals when controlling an aggressive suspect?

This course will teach specific, easy to learn methods for two or

more officers to safely control fully assaultive suspects. These are

time tested and proven techniques for keeping officers safe. This

system is also effective at mitigating the use of higher levels of

force which can lead to unnecessary injury, emotional stress and

civil liability.

This course can easily be integrated with other tactics or systems. These physical skills are grounded in basic human kinetics with a focus on effective subject control. The secret of the success of our methods come through universal application. This allows officers to learn a minimal number of techniques, but have an ability to apply them under a wide array of circumstances. Officers attending this course can expect to develop improved ability to control dangerous suspects regardless of their existing skill set.

Course objectives include but are not limited to:


· Enhance subject compliance with the use of verbal de-escalation and soft-empty hand techniques

· Appropriately react to an assaultive subject at close quarters

· Develop skills in handcuffing and controlling resistant subjects

· Perform multiple-officer and single-officer takedowns on resistant subjects


The foundation of this course is built on empty-hand control techniques while integrating a holistic approach to the use of all force options. The principles taught in this course are not only easy to learn and effective, but also compliment tactics officers may already be using.