Officer Wellness and Nutrition Individualized Training (OWN-IT)

MN POST Approved 7 Credits

When: September 24th, 2020

0730-1530 hours

Where: Ramsey County Sheriff's Office, Saint Paul, MN 55102

Hosted by: Ramsey County Sheriff's Office

Cost: $199/Student


Law enforcement agencies must recognize the link between physical fitness, mental health and the overall well-being of their officers.  We can improve the quality of life and productivity of the men and women serving our communities by taking a proactive approach to officer wellness. This training encourages a culture of help-seeking behaviors and provides customized tools for officers to take wellness into their own hands.


Officers can take ownership of their overall well-being by focusing on the 4 pillars of health: Good Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Wellness, and Sleep. These topics are explored in an interactive training environment that address the needs of each individual. Whether you are solely seeking self-improvement, or hope to be a catalyst of positive influence for an entire organization, this course will provide the tools you need to reach those goals.


This training is an excellent resource that organizations can use to begin the difficult and challenging conversations regarding mental health. When officers are able to improve their own health, they are inevitably more resilient to the mental and emotional side effects of a career in law enforcement.


Positive change starts with you.  It’s time to OWN-IT!


  • Pen and paper/notebook

Featured Instructor Coach Chris Giesking

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