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Mitch White

Mitch White is a Professional Mixed Martial Artist, certified personal trainer and owner of Fighting 4 Fitness in Edina, MN. Mitch’s appreciation for mixed martial arts began at a young age practicing kung fu with his father. The traditional martial arts not only taught him how to block punches and escape dangerous positions. Through training, Mitch found the path to increased confidence and a healthier lifestyle.


At 17 years old Mitch was already training with some of Minnesota’s top competitors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. At age 18, he won his first MMA fight by knockout. As an amateur, Mitch held two titles in MMA and competed in the Golden Gloves Upper Midwest Boxing Tournament. Mitch has recorded the following records in combat sports: 9-6 boxing, 7-1 kickboxing, and a 7-0 MMA record. Mitch currently holds a Professional MMA record of 3-1.

Mitch has an impressive combat sports background. But he has an even greater desire to train others in self-defense. As a legitimate competitor and thoughtful personal trainer, Mitch brings an important and rare perspective to students of control and personal protection. He has proven to be relatable with people of all ages, experience, and ability levels. From beginners to lifelong athletes, he has learned when to push the limits and when to take a step back. Mitch is living proof that you can train at the highest level while having fun at the same time.