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John Cajacob

Sergeant John Cajacob is an active police officer and practicing attorney. John serves a large metropolitan police department as the coordinator of inter-agency training and professional development. Prior to his current assignment, John has gained real world experience as a Patrol Officer and S.W.A.T. Operator. He was a member of the Forensic Mapping Unit (investigative team) and was selected to become a Field Training Officer. John formerly worked for Rochester Police Department and the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, totaling 12 years of law enforcement experience.

John earned his law degree from Saint Thomas School of Law and studied constitutional law at Oxford University, England. While studying at Oxford, he earned a certificate in international law. John’s undergraduate degree is in Psychology from the University of Saint Thomas (cum laude).

John was admitted to the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) in 2014 and maintains a private practice specializing in family and criminal law. He has extensive experience in criminal defense law and has successfully defended dozens of criminal cases. John has done pro bono work with Wills for Heroes and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid. Prior to that, he interned with the Dakota County Prosecutors Office and clerked for an Administrative Law Judge.


John began teaching law enforcement professionals in 2014. He has provided training, with a focus on constitutional law, for thousands of police officers and police recruits. John has assisted agencies around the country by writing policy for an organization that serves more than 2 million public safety and government professionals nationwide. He has also been recruited by multiple agencies, as a consultant, to assist in writing policy and procedures. John is regarded to be an expert in the application of criminal law and procedures for patrol operations.

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