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Jeff Whitbeck


Jeff Whitbeck has been a police officer in a large metropolitan police department since 1997. Jeff was assigned to the range full time in 2006 and has served as the Range Master for his agency since 2011. Jeff is an active member of SWAT and is regarded by his peers as the authority on firearms and tactics in the metro area.

In his current role as Range Master, Jeff is responsible for the instruction of more than 600 sworn personnel, from new police recruits to the most experienced SWAT operators. Jeff has taught numerous firearms instructor courses for his agency and officers from outside agencies. Jeff is in high demand not only for his knowledge, but because of the personable and patient approach with which he passes on his skills to others.

Jeff has competed locally and nationally in pistol/carbine matches and as a SWAT operator. Jeff has attended a multitude of firearms courses in an effort to improve his craft. Jeff has received numerous awards, to include earning department Top Gun three times before voluntarily removing himself from the annual contest. Co-workers and friends describe Jeff as professional, knowledgeable, passionate and above all humble.

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