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Jeff Liebl


Jeff Liebl is an active police officer in a greater Minnesota department and sniper in the Minnesota Army National Guard (MNARNG). As a police officer, Jeff is a SWAT team sniper, firearms instructor, use of force instructor and field training officer. Within his over 16 years in the MNARNG, Jeff has 12 years of experience as a sniper, sniper team leader, infantry reconnaissance squad leader and sniper section leader; he has deployments in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Military service has given Jeff opportunity to complete many physically and mentally demanding courses, including Sniper, Pathfinder, Small Arms Master Marksman and Combat Tracker (with unconventional warfare and counter sniper emphasis). He has also attended multiple sniper and CQB training opportunities with US Army Special Forces and trained countless US Army soldiers and foreign special operation soldiers.

In 2015 Jeff was awarded the Red Cross Hero Award for breaching an actively burning room to remove a man who was combative with officers. The man’s life was saved with only seconds to spare. 

Jeff is a member of the American Sniper Association. Jeff’s experience and knowledge greatly contributes to the continuing instruction, planning and coordination of SWAT team training. Additionally, Jeff leads his department’s officer fitness program and trains the martial arts of Judo and Jiu Jitsu.

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