Mon, Dec 06 | Minneapolis Police (SOC)

Foundation Instructor Trainer

5-Day Course - This course is geared towards new or existing use of force instructors. Attending officers will be certified in baton (expandable or straight), OC Spray, and handcuffing, as well as soft empty hand techniques.
Foundation Instructor Trainer

Time & Location

Dec 06, 8:00 AM – Dec 10, 4:00 PM
Minneapolis Police (SOC), 4119 N Dupont Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55412, USA

About the Event

This instructor level, train-the-trainer course is MN POST accredited and meets all 2021 state statute requirements for MN police officer training regarding police use of force.


0800-1600 hours daily


Tom Menton and Chad Malmberg

This course is geared towards new or existing use of force instructors. Attending officers will be certified in baton (expandable or straight), OC Spray, and handcuffing, as well as soft empty hand techniques.

The foundation of an effective defensive tactics program is solid curriculum and competent instructors. Our comprehensive system utilizes modern training methodologies and fundamental, easy to learn techniques. Officers attending this course will learn the most proven, essential, and innovative procedures for arrest and control.


Regardless of existing skill level, officers will become proficient in the application of effective force and enhance their abilities to react to all levels of subject resistance. This training will provide considerations for all typical force option tools to include Taser, ASP baton, and less lethal force platforms. The core elements taught in this course such as leverage, body position, and timing are compatible with all other defensive tactics and use of force related systems. But, learning to efficiently gain control of resistant and assaultive subjects is only part of the process.


This course will also focus on building effective communicators, trainers and mentors of law enforcement professionals. Conventional methods of instruction have been shown to produce a 20% rate of retention. Our innovative, student focused training methods, result in a retention rate of up to 80%. This program maximizes information transfer from the classroom to real world application for trainers and the professionals they teach. Finally, this course will provide a robust curriculum that can be tailored to individual and organizational needs and fielded in virtually any law enforcement, security, or similar organization.


Course objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Enhance subject compliance with the use of verbal de-escalation and soft-empty hand techniques
  • Appropriately react to an assaultive subject at close quarters
  • Develop skills in handcuffing and controlling resistant subjects
  • Perform multiple-officer and single-officer takedowns on resistant subjects
  • Incorporate force tools and how to transition to the most effective force options
  • Enhance your organization’s existing training through the utilization of student centered, adult learning principles

The foundation of this course is built on empty-hand control techniques while integrating a holistic approach to the use of all force options. The principles taught in this course are not only easy to learn and effective, but also compliment tactics officers may already be using. An attack cannot always be avoided, so don’t rely solely on situational awareness or unrealistic technique to stay safe on the streets.


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  • BDU style pants
  • Duty belt/duty vest
  • Training weapon
  • Mouth guard


"Better instructors than I've seen anywhere."

"Great presentation skills.  Made the course interesting and fun.  Very realistic course material."

"Very usable techniques!"

-Dan Swanson, Rochester Police Department SWAT

"Top level instructors.  Highly recommended, here to help you.  What I liked most about the course overall was the atmosphere, learning how to teach, and the realistic tactics."

-Tyler Martin, Washington County Sheriff's Office SWAT

"By far, some of the most effective instructors I've worked with."

"What I liked most was not only being taught the subject material, but learning how to teach others while keeping it simple and applicable."

"I enjoyed every minute and wish there were more days to train with Chad and Tom."

-Deputy Tony Nelson, Anoka County Sheriff's Office SWAT


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    +$39.95 Handling
    +$39.95 Handling

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