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Courses Offered


Building Clearing Tactics

This course is designed for patrol officers to improve their basic tactical movement skills when clearing buildings and other structures.


Female Arrest and Control Tactics

This course teaches officers proven skills for overcoming size and/or strength differences through the use of simple, easy to learn techniques.


Ground Control Tactics

The focus of this course is on active countermeasures gained through a functional understanding of timing, leverage, and distance management.


Red Dot Sight, Pistol Instructor Course

This instructor level course will provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of the MRDS system, associated...


Search and Seizure

Search and seizure for patrol operations: an exploration of the 4th and 5th amendments as they apply to the patrol officer.


Warrant Writing Basics

This one-day course is tailored for patrol officers and investigators with a desire to improve their knowledge base and skillset on the...


Command and Control 101 for Patrol Supervisors

The objective of this course is to train patrol sergeants and aspiring patrol sergeants on the skills and techniques needed for successful active...

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Firearms Instructor Course

Students will learn the fundamentals of firearms instruction. This course will provide the most effective techniques for handgun and...

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Officer Physical Training and Individual Nutrition

A spin-off of the popular OWN-IT course, this training is a great way to broaden your understanding of physical fitness and nutrition.


Report Writing

This course is designed specifically for law enforcement and security professionals who seek improved report writing skills.


Tactical Team Concepts Instructor

This instructor-level course will focus on arrest and control techniques specific to S.W.A.T. and tactical team applications.

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Dynamic Encounters

This course will focus primarily on leverage-based active countermeasures and self-defense by means of hard empty hand techniques.


Foundation Instructor Trainer

This course is geared towards new or existing use of force instructors. Attending officers will be certified in baton (expandable or straight),...

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Officer Wellness & Nutrition Individual TRG

This training is an excellent resource that organizations can use to begin the difficult and challenging conversations regarding mental health.


Rifle and Pistol Refresher

This course is a two-day intensive review which focuses on the fundamentals of shooting and accurate shot placement. It reinforces...


Team Arrest and Control Tactics

This course will teach specific, easy-to-learn methods for two or more officers to safely control fully assaultive suspects.