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We have developed the most lawful and reasonable use of force system available for law enforcement, security, and corrections officers. We are equally capable of enhancing an existing program, or building a new one, based on the needs of each individual organization we serve. Additionally, our training is guaranteed. We will provide you with the most engaging and effective training your officers have experienced or refund you the cost of tuition! ​


S.T.O.R.M. (Strategy and Tactics On Redirecting Movement) Training Group was developed by three active duty police officers. We are currently employed within the training unit of one of the largest (over 600 sworn) agencies in Minnesota. We have developed and implemented a comprehensive, proven use of force curriculum that prepares officers for the realities of their profession.


In recent years, S.T.O.R.M. Training Group has formed a well-established track record of bringing premium quality training to law enforcement and related organizations. S.T.O.R.M. systems have been successfully fielded in numerous law enforcement, corrections, and private security agencies. Officers and instructors, regardless of their level of experience, prefer training with us because they know their time will not be wasted.


We find that many agencies want to maximize their budget while still providing the best training opportunities for their officers. If this sounds familiar, consider the cost benefit of sending a representative to one of our scheduled instructor certification courses. Our customers tell us that our method of preparing confident, competent instructors is second to none. There are also financial incentives to hosting our training. Contact us for more details if becoming a host agency interests you.

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