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Cohlman Rutschow

Cohlman Rutschow is an active police officer currently assigned full time to the Range in a large metropolitan department located in Minnesota. Cohlman has over a decade of experience as a police officer, and has spent time working patrol, working as a Field Training Officer (FTO), and has been on his department's SWAT team for 8 years. Cohlman has served numerous roles on SWAT including organizing and managing team training, and leading firearms instruction. Cohlman is currently a SWAT team Sniper.


Cohlman has been a full time Range officer for five years, and holds armorer certifications in Glock, S&W M&P, and the AR-15 rifle platform. He has attended different shooting courses and training varying from basic and intermediate skills to advanced technical firearms training.


Cohlman has been involved with his department's Police Federation and has currently served on the executive board for the last 4 years.


Cohlman has a passion for teamwork, leadership, and competitive sports. This passion dates back to his college days as a quarterback for Mankato State University and Hamline University football teams. Cohlman continues his passion for competitive sports by competing across the nation in intramural volleyball tournaments.

Cohlman Rutschow