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Bill Beaudette


Bill Beaudette is an active police officer with 29 years of experience serving in a large metropolitan city in the state of Minnesota.  With more than 20 years of experience on his department's SWAT team, Bill has executed over 2,100 high risk warrants.  Bill has spent the majority of his career working Patrol, but has also spent time working in several plain clothes specialty units such as the Gang & Gun Unit and the FORCE Unit.  
Bill has been a Use of Force and Firearms Instructor for more than 25 years, in addition to organizing and managing training for the department SWAT team, Bill has been an instructor at state Skills programs for a myriad of topics including firearms, defensive tactics, traffic stops, high risk traffic stops, pedestrian stops, and crime in progress call training. 
In addition to decades of on the job experience, Bill has attended dozens of specialized training courses including shooting schools, the F.B.I. basic SWAT school, the New Mexico Tactical Counter Terrorism Incident Control Training, CQB and Combat Clearance Training with US Navy Seals, NTOA Active Shooter Instructor, Federal Firearms Instructor Training, and many more.

Bill Beaudette - Rifle
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