Arrest and Control Tactics for Female Officers (F.A.C.T.)

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MN POST Approved 14 Credits

When: November 24th-25th, 2020

0800-1600 hours Thu-Fri

Where: South Metro Public Safety Training Facility

7525 Braemar Blvd, Edina, MN 55439

Hosted by: Eden Prairie Police Department

Cost: $349/Student

This course teaches officers proven skills for overcoming size and/or strength differences through the use of simple, easy to learn techniques. Our training methodology is time tested and specifically tailored for female or smaller statured officers. Officers of all sizes, regardless of their existing skill-set, will learn how to use fundamental elements such as leverage, body position, and timing to gain control of resistant and assaultive suspects.

Course objectives include but are not limited to:

  • Enhance subject compliance with the use of verbal de-escalation and soft-empty hand techniques

  • Appropriately react to an assaultive subject at close quarters

  • Develop skills in handcuffing and controlling resistant subjects

  • Perform multiple-officer and single-officer takedowns on resistant subjects

The foundation of this course is built on empty-hand control techniques while integrating a holistic approach to the use of all force options. The principles taught in this course are not only easy to learn and effective, but also compliment tactics officers may already be using. 

An attack cannot always be avoided, so don’t rely solely on situational awareness or unrealistic technique to stay safe on the streets.


  • BDU style pants

  • Duty belt

  • Training weapon

  • Mouth guard

Featured Instructor Megan McDonald

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